..just relax ft John Legend (produced by Tru Soul)

Just Relax by Inna Oye

and you say New York City!!..thursday mornin flow..whas good my beautiful people!!..before i get into today's post..really wanna thank YOU for fuckin w/ me!!..it's early..some of yall barely know me..prolly never even heard my music before..but you rockin w/ me on this journey..just wanna make sure you know that shit is deeply appreciated!!..fuck is a MC without an AUDIENCE!! (or a mic..but thas a different story)

Just Relax ft John Legend (prod by Tru Soul)

hands down the dopest shit i've written so far..'Just Relax' is a beautiful musical piece..ironically, i wrote this record years ago!!..funny shit is..it wasn't even called 'Just Relax' when i wrote it..the name of the joint was 'ID'..i titled it that because it was a look at WHO I AM..and who i wanna be remembered as when my time on this planet passes..i wrote this shit w/o a beat..just a tempo i had in my head while i was stationed in Iraq while the rest of my company was lookin for Saddam..dead ass..on a lil Army pad they give you when you go out in the field..not knowin if i was comin home or not..this was gonna be my testament!!..when i get back to nyc..years later..my brother linked me a talented ass producer Tru Soul..dude one of those 88Keyz type dudes..low key..eccentric type cats..we ain't mesh personally..but his music IS undeniable..he had the beat done..so i hit up his myspace page and as soon as the shit started playin..i started spittin 'ID'..took 5-6 years..but i had finally found the perfect canvas for that shit..

so i record the record (shouts to Dan The Man at Republik Studios) and name is 'Come On & Go'..the John Legend sample was already in there..so i ran w/ it..sent the shit to DJ Big Sweatt and DJ Tayrok (shouts to the World Famous Superfriends and V103 in the ATL) and they LOVED the record!!..nucca Tayrok hit me and was like 'i'm in florida..on the beach..drinkin a corona..w/ 'JUST RELAX' on repeat'..now yall gotta understand..gettin a text from this nucca about ONE OF MY RECORDS was huge..only problem was..i ain't have a record called 'JUST RELAX'..so i hit him back like 'oh you mean 'Come On & Go'..thanks big home..good shit..couple weeks go by..and Tayrok hits me again..like son i got JUST RELAX on repeat..thas a hot ass record..so i said you know what..if the #1 DJ in the city of Atlanta (#NODISRESPECT to Greg Street) calls my shit 'JUST RELAX'..then that shit is 'JUST RELAX'..

[ OYE!! ]


..party bus 3

Remember this shit like it was yesterday!!..good ole Birmingham - Atlanta Superstar Party Bus!!..shouts to Bred..the homie DJ Big Sweatt of the World Famous Superfriends..L Bronze..and every other person that got fucked up on that bus!!..DJ Tayrok i see you!!..classic clip!!..Maxwell what's good!!

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You see it!!!!..just like the Chargers defense saw it!!..the back of Shon Greene's jersey as he scampered for a 50+ yard touchdown run!!..the NEW YORK JETS are goin to the AFC Championship game to face the heavily favored Peyton Mannings..and i couldn't be happier!!..see, deep down inside i'ma gambler (aka Aquarius)..and the best situation a gambler can ever be in is when he/she's playin WITH HOUSE MONEY!!..and right now..thas what we're playin with..we're not even supposed to be here (let Rex Ryan tell it) so we might as well blitz the Peyton Mannings every down..and let Revis cover EVERY WIDEOUT by himself..

Ofcourse i don't EXPECT us to win this weekend..but shit..i didn't EXPECT us to playin this weekend either!!..word to fireman on steroids at all the home games!!

[ OYE!! ]


..hard bottoms and heels

Latest *Drunken Monkey Design*!!..catch me and C Black (aka Yung Bottles) alongside the Musical Genius DJ Putt Friday's for Hard Bottoms & Heels @ the BF Lounge (523 Bruckner Blvd) in The Bronx!!

We gotta take it Uptown!!..it's only right we rock in the hood!!..shouts to 140th St. bet. Brook and Willis!!

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..this what you really want??

The good ole industry..pun intended..i've been watchin this shit since i was like 13..when i finally realized it's the music BUSINESS!!..son said 'industry rule #4080, record company people are shady..so kids watch ya back cause i know they smoke crack..i don't doubt..look at how they act!!'..(note to self: i might need to loop that..that needs to be a hook on somethin ASAP)..question you have to ask yourself is IS THIS REALLY WHAT YOU WANT?..you really want your career to rest in the hands of mufukkas who prolly ain't never been to ya block..in the hands of bloggers?? (no disrespect)..in the hands of dick head nuccas who ain't get no ass growin up..but they interned at the label 10 years ago and finally worked their way up to A&R now??..in the hands of promoters..what Jay said 'hate puttin my life in the hands of fake promoters!!'..

To answer all those questions..YES!!..fuck it..if thas what i was put here for..it is what it is..comes w/ the territory..you gotta understand..i look at shit differently..i've been workin ALL MY LIFE!!..shit i'm at work right now!!..no specifics, but i deal directly w/ cancer patients..and i'd rather have an argument w/ 'A&R asshole' than one more convo w/ 'Ms. Rothstein' about a medication she forgot to take..imjusayin!!..see i'm at a point in my life where whatever i gotta do to get this music out..I'MA DO!! (no Mase)..besides..growin up on my block..you learned how to ignore nuccas!!..or do like Slow Brock used to do and just punch nuccas in the face..whatever works for you!!..i figure if i gotta work hard..might as well work hard doin what i love to do..regardless of whether it's on a mic..or writin for whoever is on the mic..don't matter!!

So..expect a lot more music in the comin months!!..i ain't hidin..i'm workin!! (for those lookin for me)..last year was a test run..i saw what i could accomplish if done correctly..if planned correctly..w/ a couple dollars and nice lil team (i'm puttin together right now)..yall mufukkas in trouble..i promise yall that (and myself)..shit will be worth it!!..i'll show yall how bad i really want it!!

[ OYE!! ]


Inna Oye Live @ Sapphire Lounge!!

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I love the stage!!..fuckin w/ the crowd..watchin the response as i do my lil 1,2..it's one thing to record..but to actually put energy in those words..and rock out..words can't even explain how the shit feels!!..ofcourse shouts to the whole West Side Ryders camp..DJ Uncle Tone, Night, Pillz, Gallo..the homie Yung Nate (dealwithnodeal.com)..and my Black Outttttt family!!..Tone keep invitin me back to rock..i'ma keep rockin!!..never seen me perform before..ENJOY!!

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..tear down Marfa Lounge (again)

and we're back to live action!!..shouts to DJ Uncle Tone..i let the big homie know my bday was Wed 2/3 (gifts can be sent to the radio station or deposited in my Wachovia account) and he immediately told i was rockin out at Marfa Lounge!!

No tellin who else gonna in the spot..or what guests i invite thru to rock out w/ me..so be there suckas!!

[ OYE!! ]